keep project data clean and up to date

Every multi-disciplinary project needs a document administrator. The difficulty in dealing with so many different teams and the standards they bring is that it quickly becomes apparent that there is no unified standard. Who takes on that responsibility?

Myplanroom’s Managed Services takes that out of the equation. Our document management experts have been managing construction documentation since 1963, and we know what it takes to keep project data clean and organized. We maintain and index current PDF documents, user invites and manage permissions – keeping content organized consistently, leaving you to focus on running your project.

With flexible plans for projects big and small, reach out to us to learn how you can leverage our experience to streamline your project document management today.

Process Flow

Would you like less stress in your life?  Just ask about our managed services. We recommend you start as soon as your project begins but we can come aboard as soon as you make the request.

Upload your files. PDF files are flagged for review, CAD/BIM/Other files are left as-is for coordination purposes.

Our Team is automatically notified and begins the inspection and indexing process.

The indexed files are posted to the Current Set folder, and notifications are sent to all parties shared in the folder.

Key Benefits

documentation expertise

Our team of documentation experts has been managing construction data since 2004. We've developed best practices from working on thousands of projects. We know what works and, more importantly, what doesn't.

premium support

Team members on Managed Service projects receive premium support through upload validation and content confirmation. We catch errors before they are posted for all to see, avoiding confusion and keeping the project moving forward.

managed administration

Our team manages user access and permissions, supporting users through sign-up and onward.


We offer managed services at a fixed monthly rate, with no surprise bills. Leave the organization to us!

increased efficiency

Managed services make finding the correct files quick and easy. Avoiding back and forth emails, calls and text messages and leaving your team with more time to focus on the project, not file management.

make project
management easy!